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A new kind
of investment advice

You want to manage your capital independently and not leave it to a financial advisor?

You would like to understand how the global financial markets operate and what the consequences are?

You want to be financially secure in the future and be able to estimate how the economy will develop?

You would like to be one step ahead of the many bank and financial advisors and be a part of that small group of the market that generates profits almost continuously?

Very good ! Because before you invest in something you should first invest time to better understand your future actions. We save you a lot of time by developing a strategy that will enable you to operate profitably in all markets around the world.

Tailor-made coaching

Our goal is to provide you with advice that does not follow a standard scheme but is individually tailored to you. We do not fixate on a strategy but adapt our strategy to the respective market situation and to you yourself. This distinguishes us from many other coaches. Under the point "Services" you can view our entire offer.

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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader you need to constantly optimize yourself and your trading strategy. We have the right service for every type of trader so that nothing stands in the way of your long-term success. You can get an overview of our services here.

About us

When it comes to investments trust in your advisor is an important point. We would like to bring our vision closer to you and convince you of our work. We already have many happy customers and would be very happy if you would join us soon.

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Dr. Michael Stoermer, Chairman of the board Burger Edelmetalle AG

Mr. Kadiric from DK-Investment Consulting supported us, the company Burger Edelmetallein Keltern, for more than half a year. The aim of the consultation was to train our precious metal dealers with regard to their market knowledge and to bring them closer to a guideline that they can adhere to in different market times. Thanks to DK-Investment Consulting's extensive experience in the global financial markets, we have gained some information and insights into the world of precious metals trading, which are withheld from many of our market partners. Through the on-site coaching, questions or unclear facts could always be answered promptly. The structure and contents of the coaching were transparent and always understandable. For questions in the aftermath of the coaching, someone from DK-Investment Consulting was always available. After coaching our trading performance has already improved noticeably so that we can speak of a complete success. All our wishes and goals have been fulfilled. We would like to thank DK-Investment Consulting for their helpful coaching and wish them all the best and much success in the future.

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Florian Kraft

Through coaching with DK Investment Consulting, I am able to independently manage my capital and analyze the financial markets. With the trading manual I was able to clarify all open questions at any time in the aftermath. You just have to stick to a few rules, be disciplined and it works with long-term & short-term trading on the markets. I can recommend coaching to anyone who has always dreamed of successfully managing their capital independently.


Nico Persidis

The trading manual of DK Investment Consulting has helped me greatly to expand my existing knowledge in the field of trading and to look at many issues from a different perspective. For example the handbook on market psychology and the resulting conclusions teach what was very interesting and helpful to me. For questions Danijal Kadiric was available at any time and always answered all questions very well within 24 hours. The manual is suitable for every trader with beginners experience but also for complete newcomers.