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About DKIC

DK-Investment Consulting was founded in 2018 with the aim to establish a Trading Academy. We want to guide traders and investors to profitability in the financial markets and train them at the same time. We believe that investing in knowledge pays off best. Our mission is to achieve sustainable profits through a well-researched framework of technical, fundamental and psychological analyses.

We have ten years of experience in the financial markets, trading successfully in equities, commodities, foreign exchange and crypto-currencies. Our system is designed to provide our members with early buy and sell signals with a carefully calculated risk factor. We work around the clock to discover the best possible trading patterns with the highest success and profit rates. We only act with opportunities and signals that correspond to our strategy. You do not have to be a market expert or a great technician to be successful. DKIC's team of experts can do this part for you. With our first-class analyses you simply have to react in time as soon as you receive the information.

Danijal Kadiric

The founder and managing director of DK-Investment Consulting has been active on the stock market since 2012. His passion for stock market trading began at the age of 16 when he read books by Benjamin Graham, Andre Kostolany and other business leaders. During his training and studies (business administration), he has acquired profound knowledge in the field of technical chart analysis. In the first two years he exclusively made long-term investments in equities and commodities, as the market environment at that time after the crisis in 2009 was suitable for this. Markets are constantly evolving and a strategy should do so. For this reason Danijal Kadiric has been intensively engaged in day and swing trading since 2015. Over the years he has developed his own investment strategy with which he now generates between 10 % and 20 % return of invest per month. He would now like to share this strategy with you !